I’m Fine…

Originally posted on SparklyAura.com By Kristen Estep

Do you really mean it when you say I’m fine? I know that I don’t. That’s the thing, people ask how you are, but they really don’t want any other answer besides I’m fine or I’m good. I personally don’t think that they mean to be rude or uncaring. People are so consumed by their own lives that I just think they can only accept hearing I’m fine. So why do we even ask how someone is doing? The simple answer is that it’s taught to us, it is polite to ask.

So why do we answer with ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m good’? There are many reasons; you actually are having a low pain/symptom day; you are completely pretending to be fine to help you cope; you really do not feel like explaining yourself for the millionth time; you are totally lying and feel like a hot mess, but again do not want to explain yourself; you do not want to feel inferior especially in the work environment. If you guys are anything like me, you just say it for their benefit so they don’t pity or feel sorry for you. Because, the God’s Honest Truth is that I feel awful almost everyday and I know people do not want to hear that. They want to hear that you are getting better and are returning to your old self. If only it was that easy! Wouldn’t that be lovely?

I tell this lie almost everyday, do you? I would love to hear your perspectives on this subject and the reasons why you say ‘I’m fine’.

Stay Sparkly!


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