A Tribute to Susan Jillian Smith

Written By Jane Litwin Taylor and Jeannette Rotondi

Sadly, the migraine and headache disorders community mourns the death of Susan Jillian Smith. Susan was a strong and supportive advocate and one of the founders of Brain Wreck Rebels (BWR) which includes 1,000+ members and 5 support groups. “For the past 5 years Susan put all her talents and energy into BWR. Susan ànd I worked closely creating a supportive atmosphere. It was Susan’s special skills and gift of compassion that has been the heart of these groups. Susan created the most professional awareness graphics and artwork. She was an unwavering source of support and encouragement to members. To truly honor her memory we must celebrate all she did as a patient advocate with BWR.” Jane Litwin Taylor – friend and co-founder of BWR.

Prior to Brain Wreck Rebels Susan was a professional gràphic designer until migraine disease, cluster headache and fibromyalgia stole her ability to work. Susan then began volunteering as an original volunteer for Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc (CMA). During her 2 years with CMA, she created the original logo, which was used for 7 years, as well as graphics and artwork that spoke volumes about the migraine journey and voiced messages relatable to those with chronic migraine. Susan was an artist,  environmentalist and animal lover, her dogs were her world. Susan is survived by her soulmate of 29 years, Daniel. Susan’s family, friends, the BWR community and headache disorders community have lost a talented, compassionate, and strong person and patient advocate.

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