Migraine commercials :

Written by Kelly McCarthy for Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe every time they see an ad for a new migraine medication.  An attractive 30 year old woman is working for a very prestigious company. She’s got a corner office with windows and a presentation to give. Suddenly, her face grimaces as though she is in pain. It’s a migraine, you know it’s bad. What will she do? 

She has taken the newest and best migraine medication. Next thing you know, she’s smiling and rocking that presentation. Her coworkers applaud her efforts. In the next scene she’s running through the park with a race number pinned to her shirt. Woah, she’s doing yoga! What migraine? She’s got it beat! 

In reality, at the first sign of migraine I would be heading to my car and rushing home before I couldn’t drive. Sometimes my migraine attacks come so fast that a coworker needs to drive me home. I take my medicine and sleep. If I’m lucky, I’ll wake up ready to go in the morning. I could be out another day maybe two. 

That’s not to say that the medication in those commercials doesn’t work for some people. Maybe you’ve experienced results like those in the commercials. Maybe you haven’t. 

I try to enjoy life with optimism and humor. Hopefully some day one of those medications will work for me. Right now, I watch those commercials with my mom, laugh and ask, how is she running a marathon with a migraine? 

2 responses to “Migraine commercials :”

  1. Michael McCarthy Avatar
    Michael McCarthy

    I am Kelly’s Uncle and have been there for a number of different events — For me going to the grocery store , pharmacy and the rural version of the medium size box stores was easy , I often got to be escorted by a younger person my unofficial adopted grandson. We did shopping together to see if the item was a real deal or not and we also did comparison shopping for tools–It was mostly a leaning event for both of us with lots of choices. When we got home helping with the groceries was a good chance to help carry in the cereal ,milk and bread and sometimes the deli stuff and even a cupcake or two or three. Serious maladies do happen to real people . Take care and stay safe.


  2. Your so right! It does seem as if even commercials downplay the severity of migraines… which I find odd because you would think that they would want to realistically portray them. The only thing I I can figure is that people who suffer from migraines know who we are and we don’t need rainbows or baby kittens to make us buy a drug if it works on migraines… All they would have to do is put the name of the drug on the screen and say that it work and people would buy it. We dont need to be convinced to buy migraine relief medication. Funny thing is, all these meds are prescription required so its really the doctors they have to convince… not the patient. But let’s fd ace it, the pharmaceutical company makes millions of dollars off of migraines. Every single one of the new generation migraine meds are extremely expensive , and if you don’t have insurance it doesn’t matter how many awesome commercials they put out…you wont be able to afford them! BTW… I would love it if you followed my site migraines.matters !


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