Never Give Up

Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc. would like to thank Dolores for her contribution to our blog.

My name is Dolores and I have been living with migraine since the age of five. I am now 47. Over the years I have tried just about every treatment available; chiropractor, red light therapy, physical therapy, Botox, and pressure point injections. I have had my left occipital nerve burned as well, which didn’t help. For 42 years it feels like I have tried every medication available. However, in 2015 I had six bipass surgery, so I am now limited on the medication I can take. I have tried Ajovy, Aimovig and Emgality, nothing has helped. I just do the best I can every day, and live as best as I can. I have many other health conditions as well. I have been through eight neurologists who give up, I do not. Every one of us are different, but migraine sufferers know the pain.

Stay strong, keep pushing, never give up!

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