On your mark, get set….STOP!

Written by Gelcys Castaneda for Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

My name is Gelcys and I am a mother, wife and marathon runner with several chronic illnesses. I have a twisted spine where I had 4 spinal fusions. My condition is called Scoliosis. My spine is curved at the top and at the bottom. I am having a lot of problems with that because it affects my entire body.

I experience several different types of headache disorders and I’m rarely without head pain. I am currently under many treatments. Doing Botox injections, and chemotherapy infusions. So far nothing is working. My migraine pain is so severe it causes a rare form of seizures. I am migraine pain free just a few days of the month. My face goes numb, I have pain down my arm, and I lose vision in my eye. Not to mention the stabbing, throbbing pain that never ends in my head.

I also have a medical alert dog that alerts me to my headaches, migraines, and seizures. She is all over my Instagram =) She detects them hours and sometimes days in advance. I am super lucky and grateful we rescued her. She is a Doberman and she is incredibly smart and in tune with me. Her name is Lyssa.

I don’t want to say that I suffer from any migraines because that means they have control. And while the pain does get to me and I have to spend time in the ER, I am out there living life and doing what I love. Running. As I stated, I am a marathon runner. I have completed several marathons while having a severe migraine attack. Throwing up, losing vision, throbbing head, the whole nine. But I am not a quitter, I am a fighter. I share my journey with others because I am proof that anything is possible.  Believe in yourself and that you CAN get through things that you think you can’t. There are tough days, but you have made it through so much and I am here to remind others that you will make through today too.



Using the force to battle chronic illness





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