Charlotte’s Story

Chronic Migraine Awareness Inc. would like to thank Charlotte for sharing her story.

I am thirty-four and live in the United Kingdom , and I have had Hemiplegic Migraine (HM) for 24 years. I have never found my triggers or medications that help, yet. I have been in hospital a few times for a couple of weeks at a time,  unconscious. I have had to work incredibly hard to overcome stigma and people telling me I would never work as a nurse. I now specialise in neurology and have proved them wrong.

I find exercise beneficial, and it makes me feel great. My personal trainer, at my gym, asked me today if I was to be born again would I choose not to have HM (of course you would) but when you really think about it I probably wouldn’t as I have achieved soooooo much despite having HM.

We are remarkable when you think about it. We go through so much pain, paralysis, confusion, swallowing difficulties, eyesight problems, etc. How many people do you know that could manage that? Keep going. You have so much to give. YOU DO YOU!


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