Kayley’s Story: When Chronic Migraine Derailed My Life

Chronic Migraine Awareness would like to thank Kayley for sharing her story with us.

I would like to share my story, I’m just a normal, young married, working mother of 2 amazing boys ages fourteen and ten. I have always been on the go, busy and never suffered any real ill health. That was until two years ago when I became really unwell with what I assumed was either a virus or maybe I was working too much during the Covid pandemic? The pain in my head was so painful that I was rushed to hospital and I had scans and a lumber puncture procedure, everything came back ok. So what was it?

I was not imagining it! I got referred to a headache specialist…who tells me I have Chronic Migraine, by this point I had had this head pain for two months, I still have that pain in my head, it has never left me, two full years of having pain is something I was never prepared for. I will never get my head round it but I have to live with this situation. There really is no one treatment fits all- as I have attested to. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, helped my pain! 

That was until I started taking AJOVY. It turned my pain down so that I can live my life and live this new ‘normal’ life. But still Chronic Migraine has completely derailed my life. I don’t mind sharing with you that I considered taking my life, and I say that, not to depress or frighten….But to be honest in telling you that the happiest, most non depressive person can end up in this cycle of depression due to chronic pain. Thankfully I received help through my specialist. I had chronic pain therapy and I had finally found a treatment that helped. Never, ever lose hope, there will be something that will help you, you just have to find it.

Chronic migraine is so many things for me; devastating, sad, and upsetting. It sounds silly, but I sometimes grieve my old life before this condition. But then it also means other things to me like hope; hope that the more awareness we bring to this condition that more treatments are available and that hopefully this won’t be such a taboo subject. And of course, for the world to know that Chronic Migraine is so much more than a headache!

Kindest of regards

If you would like to share your migraine story, please email it to Kristen@cmaware

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