Nurtec; Failure and Success Stories

Written by Kristen Estep with contributors; Jenny Jacobs, Nicole Atkins, Jodie Gregg and Jennifer Cook

As we all can attest to, migraine treatments that work for some of us, may not work for others. I am bringing you both a failure and success story regarding Nurtec, a new acute migraine medication. My call to action (for these migraine treatment stories) appears to be split down the middle, half find this medication helpful, the other half not so much.

Jenny Jacobs has been living with chronic migraine and new daily persistent headache (NDPH) for over 10 years. Like all of us, she was eager to try this new medication as many have been unsuccessful.  Jenny wrote to me “In April of this year I was prescribed Nurtec. The day I received it I took one because I had an awful migraine.  I’d say within less than a half an hour I was severely nauseous and very drowsy. I tried to sleep but couldn’t because of the horrible nausea. This lasted for about 2 hours. There was absolutely no change in my migraine. I notified my Neurologist the next day and she advised to give it another 1 – 2 tries. I followed her advice and every time I had the same reaction. My Neurologist advised me to stop taking the medication.  Then this past June she prescribed Ubrelvy, that medication intensified my migraines. It made the throbbing and pulsating in my head way worse, along with my nausea.  My Neurologist advised the same thing she did with Nurtec, give it another 1 – 2 tries. A few days later I tried it again and received the same results.  That was the last time I took it. I already have a pounding migraine with nausea and this medication made everything worse!”  Although these medications did not work for Jenny, she states that she will continue to try new medications until she finds one that works for her.

Similarly, Nicole Atkins wrote to me that when she tried Nurtec, it made her incredibly ill and made her migraine worse.  She has also attempted Aimovig and Emgality without success. Nicole also stated that she has tried over 30 medications and has not yet found something that works for her.

While our first two contributors today have not found success with Nurtec, there are many people living with migraine who have found that this medication works well for them.

Jodie Gregg wrote to me stating “I am on Aimovig, which is helping slightly, definitely has lowered my monthly migraine. I am using Nurtec as my rescue medication. It has completely changed my migraine! It helps within a short period of time and usually if I take it right on onset, I do not have to stop working or do I have the migraine hangover!”

I also had Jennifer Cook contact to me about Nurtec and she report; “I have tried Nurtec. The medication brought my intensity down. I was unable to take it before an onset of a 10/10 migraine, as the migraine just hit me. So, I ended up taking it during the onset of a 10/10 migraine. The medication dissolved on my tongue and felt like it went to work within a five-minute time span. I would recommend that you do not drive, work, or basically do anything when taking this medication. It might’ve just been the way this medication made me feel. This medication made me feel detached from my body, I felt very light. So, my migraine seems to go down to a 6/10 pretty quick. I felt this way for a good hour. After this hour was up the detachment from my body started to fadeaway so did the lower intensity of my migraine. My migraine was easier for me to take. I do not like the feeling but at least the intensity goes down for me.”

Our last two contributors have found success with Nurtec! While we all want success with our medications, it is extremely important to remember that you did not fail the medication the medication failed you. I am excited as these medications roll out and people will have another option in their toolbox.

*DISCLAIMER* Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc. does not endorse the use of any product, medication, or treatment.  The statements in this article are from people who have tried this medication and their personal results. Your physician should be contacted for medical advice.  

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