Written by Kristen Estep for Chronic Migraine Awareness Inc

The dictionary defines inclusive as;

  1. Including or covering all of the services, facilities or items normally expected or required.
  2. Not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something.
  3. Aiming to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might be excluded or marginalized, such as people with physical or mental disabilities or those belonging to other minority groups.

As a migraine community we have faced being excluded from events, jobs, SSA and understanding about our disease, because it is invisible. Not being included makes all of us feel bad, doesn’t it? But ultimately, we end up letting it roll off our back, because mentally we must.

Let’s imagine for a few minutes that our skin color, religion, sexual orientation or preference gets thrown into the mix. So now, not only are you stigmatized because of your illness but you must also deal with some type of -ism. I am not speaking from personal experience; I can only speak to what I have been told. Everyone in our community knows the symptoms and pain that we live with and are questioned about. Can you even imagine, because of the color of your skin, not being believed by your doctor?? The very person who is supposed to help you, downplaying your pain and not giving you access to the treatments you desperately need. It doesn’t make sense to me, why would the color of your skin make your pain less than mine. Or why wouldn’t you be offered the same treatment as I am? Does any of this sound fair to you, because it certainly doesn’t to me!!

I’m certain that I am naive to all the disparities in healthcare, but what I do know for sure is that this must be corrected! I am confident that I can speak for all of the Directors and Managers of CMA, Inc. in saying that we want our organization to be free of all -ism’s, a safe place for everyone. The way we can accomplish this is with your help. We need to Rally Together Against Migraine and Disparities!! We need to be inclusive! We need to learn from each other and then lead by example. Our community has the voice to organize change in the treatment of our fellow humans!

Let’s work together to make this happen! Let us all Rally Together Against Migraine and Disparities!

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