Getting to know CMA Directors; Julie’s Story

I’m Julie Tazzia.  I’ve been living with migraine for over half a century.  I wasn’t diagnosed, however, until about 14 years after my attacks began.  I started out episodic, but gradually became chronic.  Both of my daughters have migraine as well.  Of all the things to inherit from me, it had to be migraine!

I didn’t begin my advocacy journey until I started seeing my current headache neurologist.  He was the first doctor to really listen to me, explain the disease, and be open to alternative therapies.  That opened me up to wanting to learn as much as I could about migraine.  It’s a complicated disorder to be sure! 

That further sparked me to attend my first conference in about headache disorders in 2014, and from there I got more involved in advocacy and support.  I’ve attended Headache on the Hill, have been involved in Miles for Migraine events, belong to a few different advocacy groups.  I am currently a Director with Chronic Migraine Awareness, an organization dedicated to helping support people with chronic migraine and other headache disorders.

In addition to my work within the headache community, I am also on the board of Zimkids Orphan Foundation.  Zimkids is a nonprofit in Zimbabwe that provides nutritional, educational, vocational, and psychosocial support to over 350 orphans. 

Written by Julie Thien Tazzia, Co-Director of Donor Relations and Board Member, for Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc

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