Getting to know CMA Directors; Gina’s Story

I have had migraine for as long as I can remember. Migraine has been a part of my life for nearly all of it, which is well over 40 years! I became chronic daily 19 years ago and my currently diagnosis is chronic intractable migraine with aura. I have been spreading migraine awareness as well as advocating since 2011. My mantra is to make my pain productive which is why started doing what I do; and also because I do have children who also have migraine disease, so being someone who understands all aspects of migraine and wants to help others, as well as wanting to break the stigma and advocate for more effective treatments.

Chronic Migraine Awareness is where I first began my advocacy journey. I initially joined the main CMA support group, and from there started my own small awareness/advocacy page (Migremlinchick).  Then I became an Administrator of CMA support groups in 2012. I started playing around with creating Graphics though the years, and became CMA’s Director of Graphics & Social Media in 2019. Graphics are a fun way to get your point across and a way for me to de-stress, and I can even do them from my bed! I have also completed ECHO (Education Council for Headache Online) training, and have just begun Echo’s second phase where I will be participating in a project for RetreatMigraine 2022, which I am very excited about!  CMA and ECHO have allowed me to do something I enjoy, make my pain productive and grow my advocacy and graphics skills tremendously! In addition to my advocacy work, I am a mother of 3 and work full time in the field of Social Work.

Written by Gina Fabrizio, Director of Graphics and Social Media, for Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc.

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